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Bauhaus Bauhaus Design

Brilliant website with information on Dieter Rams and Braun/Vitsoe Dieter Rams, Braun and Vitsoe

The Vitsoe Website - Principles, Ideas, Dieter Rams and Brochures Vitsoe Website

German Expressionism at The Tate Gallery

Der Blaue Reiter

Dieter Rams - Interview in German in his house! - “New Brave World”/“Gelsenkirchnerbarok”

Dieter Rams - School of life video

Tracey Emin - Tate Talk


Art in Liverpool

Henry Moore- great pioneer of modern, abstract and morphic sculpture

Arena - Henry Moore

Monitor Henry Moore

An excellent documentary on Peggy guggenheim, often referred to as the sole influencer and mother of American-European Expressionism in the 50s - 70s

Peggy Guggenheim - Art Addict

Francis Bacon - A documentary on his life and work

Francis Bacon documentary

Anthony Gormley - At the beginnings of Art

Anthony Gormley documentary

Interesting Contemporary Art website

Art Website (Contemporary Art)

YouTuber (Nerdwriter) on Art and Masterpieces

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