• Read the first part of L'étranger by Albert Camus, make notes on Meursault's character and anything that shocks you or that you find interesting.
  • Complete all 4 oral cards I have given you so far.
  • Complete all research for your oral exam on “J-M LP”.


  • Complete all exercises and articles from “L'étranger booklet” up to and including p.26
  • Using all the booklets I have given you on “La Haine” by Mathieu Kassovitz, as well as the marked essays and commentaries we went through in class, rewrite an answer to the question on whether “La Haine” is “un chef d'oeuvre” or not. Don't forget to Point, Evidence, Evaluate and Link EVERY POINT YOU MAKE!
  • All work due in for Monday 30th October.


Mr Stag

12/10/17: Use the mark scheme to mark the 4 students speaking exams on the following page: AQA EXEMPLAR SPEAKING MATERIAL

29/9/17: Complete the document that I sent to you with the 3 questions on the EU and Brexit. Also, start research over the weekend into your oral topic and read the oral exam guidelines, particularly Part 2 of the word document I sent to you via email.

14/9/17: 1) Exercises 3c, 4 and 5b from My Dynamic Learning Textbook, p.200

7/9/17: 1) Read the first chapter of L'étranger, 2) Article from newspaper on “Politique française”, 3) Choose Oral Topic.

23.5.17: Complete the other essay we planned in class from last Monday/Tuesday's lesson for Friday (28.5.17). Merci!

16.5.17: Finish off one of the essays that we planned in class either from Monday or Tuesday's lesson. Hand this in on Monday (if not before!). Don't forget to make a point, back it up then explain your opinion (not necessarily in that order!). Merci!

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